The Untold Story of Ben Breedlove's Final Message

INSIDE EDITION has the untold story of the boy who captured everyone's heart. We speak to his family who had no idea he was such an internet sensation.

He's the courageous eighteen-year-old with a fatal heart condition who shared messages of hope with the world. None more touching than this final silent communication done with hand-written cards, and ending with the question:"Do you believe in angels or God? I do."

Ben Breedlove died on Christmas day, having succumbed to a lifelong heart disease.

Now, INSIDE EDITION has the untold story of Ben's very last message. It was filmed in his bedroom in Austin, Texas, unbeknownst to anyone in his family.

His sister Ally showed INSIDE EDITION the bedroom where he did all of his recordings.

"We were very surprised to find the actual cards that he used in the video," said Ally.

Ben collapsed and died after playing with his kid brother Jake on the family trampoline on Christmas day. An even bigger shock was in store for the family the next day.

Ben's mom, Deane told INSIDE EDITION, "The video was a big surprise to us. He passed away Sunday on Christmas, on Monday morning is when our daughter Ally came to us and said, I got something you will really want to see."

A friend contacted the Breedloves about the YouTube video that was fast becoming a sensation, with more than three million views. Ben never speaks a word as he holds up cards expressing his fears about his condition, and the numerous times he'd already cheated death:

"My heart stopped and I wasn't breathing for three minutes. I really thought to myself, this is it. I'm dying," read one card.

More than fifteen hundred people attended a memorial service for Ben Breedlove. A time for hugs and tears, and memories of a boy who lived a short life but whose words will live forever.

Ally told the crowd at a memorial for Ben, "Today is a celebration of the joy Ben brought to our lives."