Rob Lowe Plays Drew Peterson in Upcoming Lifetime Movie

It's the chilling new made-for-TV movie that has Rob Lowe starring as convicted wife-murderer, Drew Peterson. INSIDE EDITION has all the details.

It's the movie accused wife-killer Drew Peterson does not want you to see.

Drew Peterson, Untouchable airs on Lifetime later this month and you might be surprised who's playing Peterson—it's Rob Lowe.

"I said 'Why do you want me?' I felt like I was sort of the last person that made sense to play Drew, which is exactly why I ended up saying yes," Lowe said on Good Morning America on Wednesday.

His creepy likeness to the former police officer turned accused murderer is astounding.

Peterson tried hard to stop production of the movie, claiming it could negatively impact his upcoming trial. But filming went ahead anyway.

Lowe spoke about the astonishing makeup job on Good Morning America, "This is the kind of roll that actors live for. This is what I live for, to do something that is so unlike what I do every week on Parks and Recreation or The West Wing or any of that stuff."

Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory plays Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy. It was her disappearance that led investigators to take a second look at the drowning death of Peterson's third wife. After her body was exhumed, her death was ruled a homicide and Peterson was arrested.

Peterson's murder trial is set for later this year. The movie airs January 21st on Lifetime.