Gator Boys Visit INSIDE EDITION With a Live Alligator

The Gator Boys paid a visit to INSIDE EDITION with, of course, a little alligator. Take a look at what happened.

In her wildest dreams, INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney never thought she would be holding an alligator in her arms, but luckily, two fearless guys were watching her back.

Jimmy Riffle and Paul Bedard are The Gator Boys, and you won't believe the bare-handed alligator rescues they routinely perform on their Animal Planet show.

The Gator Boys actually found the alligator in a swimming pool. According to Bedard, "That happens a lot."

They've also rescued gators from back yards, mud holes, anyplace these toothy creatures might wander in suburban Florida. They then release the creatures back into the wilderness.

McInerney asked, "What's the strangest place you've ever found a gator?"

"In a house. The guy left his door open," Bedard responded.

The Gator Boys to demonstrated a capture with the gator they brought along, named Junior. They showed McInerney how to pull it by the neck.

After the demonstration, Junior took a little stroll through the INSIDE EDITION office. And was a big hit and you know what? He kinda grows on you.