Follow That Safe!

A wild chase of cops-and-robbers broke out but what caught everyone's attention was the stolen safe hanging out of the suspects trunk. INSIDE EDITION has all the details.

It's a wild car chase unlike any you've ever seen.

A band of thieves had stolen a safe and shoved it in the trunk of the getaway car, it stuck out like a sore thumb!

The safe was stolen from a home in an upscale suburb of Houston. The thieves broke a window and took just the safe and nothing else.

The owners of the safe, Lynn and Kevin Kelleher told INSIDE EDITION, "They were really focused on that safe nothing else in our home was touched."

The Kelleher's say a neighbor spotted the burglars loading the safe into the trunk of their getaway car and called police.

The thieves didn't get far. Let's face it, with a safe sticking out of the trunk of a speeding car looks pretty suspicious.

It all came to a halt right in the middle of the freeway and the thieves jumped out and ran across six lanes of traffic. They were quickly arrested but the drama didn't end there.

The overheated getaway car caught fire with the safe still in the trunk.

Cops had to haul the 300-pound safe out of the trunk and shove it away. It took three of them to load it onto a police pick-up.

So what was inside? Bundles of cash? Diamonds and gold? Nope, just some important family documents, including a will, social security cards and some real estate deeds.

Kevin said, "They probably said my God we probably got something valuable here. Little did they know, there wasn't anything in the safe!"