A New Generation of Bull Riders

Professional Bull Riding is on the rise, headlining events at the famed Madison Square Garden. INSIDE EDITION was given all access to see what the buzz is about.

This isn't your father's rodeo. In fact they don't even want you to call it a rodeo. This is the Professional Bull Riders tour. Their first stop- New York City's Madison Square Garden.

That's right, the stadium that's normally home to the New York Knicks has been filled with dirt and looks more like a stockyard.

The sport is getting lots of attention these days. CBS Sports just announced it will air 55 hours of the tour live in 2012.

Tall, good looking, seriously macho cowboys can only help the sport's appeal.

When you looked around the audience you see lots of young women, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton was at the event.

"They are tough and sexy and rugged," Upton told INSIDE EDITION

Cowboy Colby Yates said, "It's kind of like being a rock star."

The goal of the sport is simple - try to stay on a bull that can weigh between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds for eight seconds. Somehow eight seconds feels like an eternity when you're on a bull.

If you last eight seconds, and many don't, judges then score style points. The winner will walk away with serious cash. Last year the top bull rider made more than $2 million in prize money.

One cowboy was on CBS's The Amazing Race. Cord Mcoy and his cowboy brother Jet were contestants on the show last year. Now Cord's suited up to ride a bull.

Cord and most of the other cowboys have all suffered serious injuries.

"The worst was in 2004, I actually crushed my skull. They had to actually scalp me and pull my skull off my brains," Cord tells INSIDE EDITION.

Injuries aside, though, it's all thrills as city slickers get a taste of western-style action.