Sarah Palin Blasts Michelle Obama

Sarah Palin lashed out at comments Michelle Obama made in the First Lady's interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Sarah Palin is blasting Michelle Obama for a comment she made about her husband's presidency in that big interview with Gayle King.

In the interview with Gayle King, Michelle Obama said, "This campaign is going to be about making sure that people understand all that's been accomplished. I think people are confused about what, some may be confused about how much has been accomplished."

Shaking her head, Palin tore into the First Lady on Fox News.

"Oh Lord. Are we just numbskulls out here in the heartland of America? Just a bunch of numbskulls who can't read the unemployment numbers and see that $5 trillion in new debt later under husband, President Obama. Five trillion dollars more, and we still have fewer jobs today than we had before he took over," said Palin.

Palin's broadside comes on the heels of the big fallout from Michelle's "angry black woman" comment in the interview on CBS This Morning.

Michelle said, "That's been an image that people have tried to paint of me since the day Barack announced—that I'm some angry black woman."

"Mad as hell Michelle!" reads the New York Post headline.

The "angry black woman" comment has the internet buzzing. One blogger writes: "She created that label and deserves it."

But another blogger says: "Michelle Obama is the best thing that has happened to the White House in the last three decades."

In part two of the interview that aired Thursday, the First Lady gave Gayle King an inside peak at the White House screening room, covered floor-to-ceiling in plush red velvet.

The President will have a special screening there on Thursday of Red Tails, about the famed Tuskeegee airmen of World War II.