What You Didn't See at the Golden Globes

INSIDE EDITION reports on what you didn’t see at the Golden Globes, including the Hollywood star who had loved ones aboard the cruise ship disaster in Italy.

On the red carpet at the Golden Globes, you'd never know that Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson was dealing with a terrifying family emergency.

Ferguson's uncle and aunt were on board that capsized cruise ship off the coast of Italy, and he was glued to his phone as he waited to hear if they had survived.

As Ferguson spoke to INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville, he put a brave face on his private torment

Norville asked, "Tell us what really happens in there."

"Well, everyone takes off their pants when they walk in. So that's the first thing," joked Ferguson.

Finally, he got word that his relatives were alive and well.

Arthur and Alex Beech spoke to Good Morning America, reacting to the news that the captain may have taken the ship off course on purpose.

Alex Beech told Good Morning America, "That is terribly troubling. I have been concerned about his action from the very beginning and I feel that there is some liability there."

Host Ricky Gervais says he had a blast as host. INSIDE EDITION caught up with Gervais in New York.

Gervais said, "They were taken aback last year. They thought, 'Why is this man saying such awful things?' But I think they've had a year to realize that they were just jokes, so they got it all. It was my favorite of the three [hosting gigs]."

Gervais said don't expect him back next year.

"I'm saying no at the moment. I can't imagine me changing my mind this time. Three's enough," said Gervais.

Everyone was wondering who Best Supporting TV Actor Peter Dinklage was talking about in his acceptance speech when he said, "A gentleman in England I'm thinking about, his name is Martin Henderson. Google him."

We now know that Henderson is a fellow dwarf and aspiring actor, who was badly injured after being tossed into the air against his will by a stranger.

And the stars partied the night away after the show wrapped. The kids of Modern Family look thrilled to be part of it all at the Fox after-party in Beverly Hills. Sofia Vergara was spotted snuggling with her boyfriend, and Ricky Gervais took a turn enjoying someone else's joke.