Casey Anthony's Hideout Discovered?

Has Casey Anthony's top-secret hideout been discovered? INSIDE EDITION sheds light on the story.

Could a new video show Casey Anthony in her top-secret hideaway?

An intriguing video shows a young woman with blonde bob, just like America's most notorious mother has in her newly-discovered video diary.

The footage was shot through the window of a house on the grounds of the Cross Church, not far from Palm Beach, Florida. It's being reported that Anthony has found sanctuary at the Baptist church.

Soon after the video was shot, a mysterious person covering themself under a hood was driven from the church. 

The modest one-story home, tucked away from prying eyes, is thought to be where Anthony recorded that self-absorbed video diary in which she never once mentions the death of her little daughter Caylee.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Peter Schaller, the reporter for WPEC in West Palm Beach, who found Anthony's supposed hideaway.

"How did you find Casey Anthony's hiding spot?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerny.

"We just set up shop right out in front of this building, next to the church where we were hearing she was staying. When we saw that woman with the short bob, the blonde hair, we said 'This really could be it'," said Schaller.

McInerny asked, "What was your first reaction?"

"We were totally surprised. There were a lot of people very interested in knowing where this woman was," said Schaller.

The website The Daily Beast is reporting that Anthony may have been hiding there for six months, "laying low."

She is thought to be getting sanctuary and spiritual guidance from pastor Steve Camp.

Once nominated for a Grammy for his Christian music, Camp is now the pastor at the Cross Church.