Sandra Bullock's Heartbreak

Sandra Bullock is reportedly furious and heartbroken over husband Jesse James's alleged infidelities with a tattoo model. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Sandra Bullock is "a total mess" according to the Oscar®-winner's close friend, who told the Chicago Sun-Times that Jesse James's relationship with a tattoo model has left her "like a cauldron of both rage and intense pain."  

The actress is said to be in a fury over the timing of her husband's infidelity, which happened last year while she was filming The Blind Side, a movie about family values. "It makes this even creepier," her friend was quoted as saying.

The real-life woman who Bullock played in the movie, Leigh Ann Tuohy, has reportedly reached out to offer support.

Bullock is now in hiding, having moved out of the home she shared with James in Long Beach, California. Across the country, people are expressing outrage at her straying husband and sending a shower of love to America's Sweetheart.

"Sandra Bullock is the victim here, she's the person who is going to get everybody's sympathy, she's the person who everybody is going to watch and see how she is going to recover from this," says Mike Fleeman of People magazine.

Bullock's co-star in The Proposal, the legendary Betty White, is said to be so upset that she can't talk about James without using foul language.

Bullock's marriage to James five years ago came after a string of high-profile romances that ended in heartbreak. There was a broken engagement to actor Tate Donovan, followed by failed relationships with quarterback Troy Aikman and actors Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Gosling.

Bullock thought she had finally found true and lasting love. And after years of famously guarding her private life, she was opening up for the first time.

"Those award show speeches that at first made us feel so good now make us cringe, they're hard to watch because here she finally let down those barriers only to be betrayed," says Fleeman.