Cooking with Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern serves up some strange food for INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

Andrew Zimmern is the host of Bizarre Foods: America. Season 5 premieres this week on the Travel Channel.

He travels the country finding unusual and frankly disgusting things to eat. Zimmern has gone all around America trying different and strange meals. From stuffed alligator in New Orleans, to pig intestines in Minnesota and guinea pig confit in St. Paul.

Now he's cooking up some very bizarre foods for INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

Zimmern has prepared duck testicles for Alexander. As she squemishly looks on while he cooks, he swears, "they are delicious."

As Zimmern cooks the duck testicles, he discusses his process "a little flour a little brown butter, we're gonna let those sear away for a moment."

Zimmern adds parsley, shallots, a dash of white wine, some fresh lemon and they are ready to go.

Alexander admitted, they smelled pretty good, but after tasting, her only reaction was "That's really gross. I'm sorry that's just nasty."

The duck testicles are not the only thing Zimmern is cooking up for Alexander at's test kitchen in New York, he's also frying cow brains to make cow brain sandwhiches.

Zimmern dipped the brains in egg and breadcrumbs, and gently browned both sides for flavor. He served them on a bun just like a chicken sandwich.

Alexander took a bite from the sandwhich and said, "It's very slimey but good. It tastes a bit like fish, not as bad as I thought."