Another Chef With the Same Diabetes as Paula Deen

A featured chef on Food Networks' Fat Chef speaks to INSIDE EDITION about having the same diabetes as Paula Deen.

Another heavyweight TV chef is revealing that she has type II diabetes, just like Paula Deen.

Ally Vitella got the diagnosis while filming her new show, Fat Chef, which premiered on the Food Network Thursday night.

Getting the news may have saved her life.

"I had just started this show and I got a big whammy thrown at me. It was aweful," says Vitella.

On the show a dozen chefs will try to drop serious pounds and learn how to live healthier.

"When I cater to these events, they have the one party, they indulge it, they get it out of their system and then they move on. For me, I was eating the hors d'oeuvres every single night," says Vitella.

The launch of the show comes as Deen is being critisized for keeping her diagnosis a secret for three years while she continued pushing her high-calorie recipes.

INSIDE EDITION has exclusive video shot a few days ago of the embattled chef on a Caribbean cruise with 400 of her fans.    

The video shows Deen chowing down on what looks like a burger and a side of fries. Hardly the restricted diet recommended for diabetics.

Fat Chef's Vitella says she knows first hand how hard it is to change unhealthy eating habits.

"I really can sympathize with her and thats a really hard thing to face," says Vitella.