The Game Changing Sarah Palin Movie

In the upcoming HBO film Game Change, based on Sarah Palin being picked to be John McCain's running mate in 2008 paints a never-before-seen image of the former Alaskan Governor.

It's a devastating portrayal of Sarah Palin as a frantic, out-of-control vice-presidential candidate in the 2008 election.

The HBO movie Game Change, based on the bestselling book, stars Julianne Moore as the popular Alaska governor, and one thing is for sure - Palin is not going to like it.

One headline from Politico says it all: "Sarah Palin Skewered In Game Change"

Politico reporter Patrick Gavin tells INSIDE EDITION, "The fact of the matter is that she was somebody who was thrust into this national scene and many ways unprepaired. What this movie shows is what happens when that happens. The kind of chaos that can happen behind the scenes."

On The View Wednesday, Moore spoke of her painstaking preparations for the role.

"When you work on  someone who is so well known, you want to be accurate, so I spent a lot of time looking at tapes, listening to her voice," said Moore.

Ed Harris plays presidential candidate John McCain as a man with high hopes for victory.

But as things began to unravel, he apparently had second thoughts about his running mate.

Palin has a thick skin, as she proved by appearing side-by-side on Saturday Night Live with her number one imitator, Tina Fey.

But even Palin may have a hard time laughing off Game Change, the movie.