Behind the Scenes at the Super Bowl

INSIDE EDITION has the scoop behind the scenes and on the field at this years Super Bowl.

It's the big controversy from the halftime show: singer M.I.A. giving 100 million viewers the finger during Madonna's performance.

The NFL said, "The obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing and we apologize to our fans."

It also blamed NBC for "a failure in [the network's] delay system." 

NBC did manage to blur the video but it came two seconds too late.

The network made it clear it's not taking all the blame for M.I.A. flipping off America.

"The NFL hired the talent and produced the halftime show. Our system was late to obscure the inappropriate gesture and we apologize to our viewers," said in a statement.

The rapper also appeared to say, "I don't give a (----)."

Reaction has been swift and furious.

Fox and Friends host Gretchen Carlson said on Monday morning's show, "Why? Why do we have to do that? So upsetting. The millions of families who are watching this with their kids."

A member of LMFAO, who was also part of the show, shrugged off M.I.A.'s behavior after finding out what she did and told INSIDE EDITION, "She did? That is pretty hot."

The reviews for the Material Girl's halftime show are in, and they're decidedly mixed. Entertainment Weekly said her performance was "Joyous and open-hearted...[Madonna] was both in full command and full of generosity towards her massive audience."

The Los Angeles Times said, "[This was] little more than a well-planned advertisement for her new album." Others questioned her dance moves.

Earlier in the day, INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander got a tour of Madonna's private box inside Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Her friends and family were able to watch the game and her performance from inside the VIP box.

Famous faces like John Mellencamp, Meg Ryan, Danny DeVito, Steven Tyler and Rosie O'Donnell with her fiancé, popped up in similar VIP boxes throughout the stadium.

INSIDE EDITION ran into musician Lenny Kravitz roaming the underground tunnels of the stadium.

Katy Perry, in one of her first public appearances since her split from Russell Brand, was diplomatically decked out in the colors of both teams.

Perry told INSIDE EDITION, "I have fans that I love, rooting for both teams."

Jimmy Fallon was bummed out because he had to leave before kickoff.

Fallon told INSIDE EDITION, "We have a live show so I can't go to the game."

Dancing with the Stars winner J.R. Martinez showed off his golden ticket.

And Nick Cannon, who hosted the pregame show, fresh off his hospitalization for kidney failure, told Alexander, "My first job since I was hospitalized, I'm excited."

Kelly Clarkson gave a memorable performance of "The Star Spangled Banner."

"It was nerve racking," Clarkson told INSIDE EDITION after her performance.

Country music's favorite couple, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's, voices soared through "America the Beautiful."

Shelton was so excited after his performance. He told Alexander, "I just sang at the Super Bowl, man! It was awesome!"

Sports fans say, the down-to-the-wire win by the New York Giants was one of the most exciting in Super Bowl history.

All of New York City broke out in celebration, with fire fighters joining thousands of fans who jammed Times Square.

Some Patriot fans however, didn't take the defeat in stride. Students at the University of Massachusetts campus in Amherst rioted in the streets.

Additionally, what you didn't see after the big game was Seal who was right there on the field. He said, "The greatest team won today." The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Rooney Mara, was also there. Her family owns the Giants.

Many Giants players shared the triumphant victory with their kids. Somehow, Giant's player David Carr's daughter managed to sleep through the eruptions of joy.