Giants Celebrate Victory While Patriots Party After Defeat

INSIDE EDITION was at Manhattan's Canyon of Heroes as Super Bowl Champs, New York Giants celebrated their victory. Meanwhile, some New England Patriots are causing a stir for dancing the night away after their defeat on Sunday.  

It was a spectacular ticker-tape parade Tuesday for the Super Bowl champs the New York Giants, along Manhattan's Canyon of Heroes.  

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, how a celebration like this feels.

Bloomberg responded, "It's the best. It's New York."

But another celebration is also making headlines. It's a video of the losing New England Patriots dancing the night away just hours after their disappointing defeat.

Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski was dancing shirtless.

Gronkowski's sub-par performance at the Super Bowl was supposedly affected by an ankle injury. He took the field with his ankle strapped up and he couldn't catch a Hail Mary pass in the last seconds that would have given the Patriots the Super Bowl.

But his ankle didn't seem to be giving him any trouble as he and his teammates danced the night away.

Fan fury over the bump and grind is lighting up the internet.

"That's how much they care? Looks like the fans care more than they do," one fan complained.

"Wrong. Wrong thing to do," said another disappointed fan.

Meanwhile, back in Manhattan, tons of paper came down like snowflakes on the victorious Giants.  

But you'd be shocked by what's on some of that paper.  

In the midst of all that ticker tape that rained down on New York City INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd found personal information that you wouldn't want people to see. Boyd searched through some of it with former FBI investigator Bill Daly.

One document gave details of an insurance claim after an auto accident.

Daly noted, "This individual actually has his Social Security number thrown out the window. The document's right here. Social Security number, date of birth, address, we have some litigation this person is involved in."

And another was the detailed medical records of a 54-year-old woman. It was a mammogram to examine her for cancer. It goes into detail you just wouldn't want out in the public.

People's privacy and personal security, literally thrown out the window.