Ten Years of Survivor

Survivor is being called the most influential show of the decade, and it is celebrating its 10th anniversary! INSIDE EDITION caught up with some of the contestants of the first season at the anniversary party.

It's hard to believe it's been ten years since Survivor premiered. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the original cast-mates at a party marking the anniversary. Richard Hatch, the first winner, was there following his recent release from jail for tax evasion. "Life is good. Being out, being free, it's a good thing," Hatch said.

And remember ex-Navy SEAL Rudy Boesch? He's 82 now, but still looks great. And Kelly Wiglesworth was there too. She told INSIDE EDITION she lives in Mexico with her fiancé, where she trains other people to become yoga instructors.


Even lady truck driver Sue Hawk showed up. Sue says she's no longer driving a rig: "What have I been doing since the first show? I did the personal appearances. We were hot for a long time. I actually made a living off of Survivor for like five years," Hawk told INSIDE EDITION.