Former Bodyguard of Whitney Houston Reveals Problems Behind-the-Scenes

Whitney Houston's former bodyguard is speaking out about trying to protect the star from her biggest danger—herself. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

As a golden hearse brought Whitney Houston back home to Newark, New Jersey, there are recriminations over her tragic death.

Her former bodyguard is revealing he quit because he could not get her to quit drugs. Alan Jacobs told Good Morning America he was Houston's bodyguard for seven years.

Jacobs said, "You can protect someone from everything, but you cannot protect them from themselves."

He said that when he worked as Houston's bodyguard he insisted she take showers, never baths. And he would never have allowed her to be in the bathroom for a full hour without checking on her.

Jacobs said that since he quit in 2002, Houston's entourage let her do whatever she wanted.

"It would seem that a closer eye might have been kept, but there again, there's an old saying that 'the boss may not always be right, but the boss is always the boss,' " said Jacobs. 

There was anger mixed with grief on The Talk as comedienne Sheryl Underwood talked about Houston's drug abuse.

"She wasn't on street drugs anymore. She was on prescribed drugs. If Michael Jackson didn't scare the (blank) out of you, then this should scare you and scare your daughter," said Underwood.

And Nancy Grace is calling for a criminal investigation, saying, "Who gave her the drugs? What were the drugs? And who was with her at the time she went underwater?"

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that investigators want to talk to Houston's medical team about the prescription drugs she was taking, including Xanax, Valium, Lorazepam, and Amoxicillin, which she was taking to treat a sore throat.

We're learning more about Houston's last meal. She ordered a burger, french fries, a turkey sandwich, jalapenos, champagne, and a Heinken. She ate the burger and took the turkey sandwich into the bathroom with her.  

Houstons's body was flown from Los Angeles in a private jet, provided by movie director Tyler Perry. Her grief-stricken mom, Cissy was seen entering the funeral home.
Houston's cousin, Dionne Warwick, also accompanied the casket along with her aunt, Mary Jones, who found Houston's body in the bathtub.   

And Jennifer Hudson, who sang the Whitney Houston tribute at  the Grammys®, said today, "It was the greatest honor of my life. It was from my heart. I haven't stopped crying since she passed."