Whitney Houston's Forgotten Performance

Before heading to Europe on what would be a disastrous tour during her big comeback, Whitney Houston dazzled everyone at Dancing with the Stars. INSIDE EDITION tells the story.

While Whitney Houston belted out one of her biggest hits, she looked healthy, and her voice, while not at its peak, was still strong.

It was Houston's forgotten comeback on Dancing with the Stars in 2009. Samantha Harris co-hosted the show in 2009.

"Despite Whitney's performance not being at her magical best, she still brought presence and star power to the ballroom," Harris told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

Houston had just released her first album in seven years, and she performed her new single, "Million Dollar Bill."

It was the season finale of the hit show. Donny Osmond won the mirror ball trophy and Harris did notice something worrisome about Houston's apperance.

"She was sweating profusely from the very begining of the song, and I thought that was a little bit odd because I know how well made up and well powdered down people are," said Harris.

And when she pulled it off, she celebrated with her cousin, Dionne Warwick. Everyone wondered if all her troubles were behind her.

As we all know, the comeback was not to be. After her triumphant appearance on Dancing with the Stars, she headed to Europe, where her golden voice was in shambles.