Doctor Convicted of Road Rage Sentenced

The Los Angeles E.R. doctor who was convicted in a bizarre case of road rage involving cyclists was sentenced to five years in prison. INSIDE EDITION reports.

"I wish you all long life and good health more importantly and may God bless you and your family," said a tearful Dr. Christopher Thompson while in court for his sentencing in a shocking case of road rage. "I would like to apologize again deeply and profoundly."

E.R. doctor Christopher Thompson was being his sentenced in a bizarre road rage case that shocked the nation. He slammed on his brakes in front of two cyclists on a Los Angeles road, making them crash into the rear window of his car.

Ron Peterson suffered a shattered nose and cuts to the face. Christian Stoehr suffered a dislocated shoulder.

During the 911 call, Thompson can be heard yelling at the injured cyclists:

Thompson: "Get your bike out of the road, why don't you!"

911 Operator: "What happened?"

Thompson: "Three bikers in the road, out of line, called and said [expletive deleted] to me.  I slammed on the brakes. They ran into the back of me. There's two injuries."

"I violated the most sacred rules of med and also in my personal life and that is to do no harm," Thompson said in court.

The doctor's father pleaded for leniency, citing his son's heart condition. "You’re looking at a man of 60 years of age in prison, under stress, that…really doesn’t have a happy chance for survival in that kind of situation," he said.

Thompson hung his head as he was sentenced to five years behind bars.


Victim Ron Peterson believes the doctor got what he deserved. "There's no good that really comes of it. It's just relief and a bit of satisfaction," Peterson told INSIDE EDITION.