Despite Sweat Lodge Deaths, James Ray Seeks More Followers

New age guru James Ray is still seeking new followers online, despite being charged with manslaughter for the deaths of three people in an Arizona sweat lodge tragedy last fall. He has pled not guilty. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

New age guru James Ray has just posted a video message on his website, saying that despite the deaths of three people in a sweat lodge, he still has a lot of advice to give.

"Hi, this is James Ray. What I still have inside of me, even yet, is a deep desire and a passion to make a difference."

Ray has pleaded not guilty to three charges of manslaughter. Ray may be facing more than thirty years in prison if convicted, but he is already trying to reach new followers.

"You might also be aware that I don't have a company any longer, and so I'm going to ask you to join me here, via the internet," says Ray in his online video.

He's also set up a Twitter account. Family members, like Andrea Puckett, who lost her mother in the sweat lodge tragedy, are expressing outrage that Ray is continuing to solicit business.

On Good Morning America, Puckett said, "Is it the right thing to do for him? No! If he truly felt bad about what's happened here and respected the families, and people who he's affected, he would just keep quiet during this time."

Ray's trial is expected to begin in August.