Details Surrounding The Flight Attendant Flip Out

INSIDE EDITION reports on the flight attendant who referred to 9/11 over the airplane's P.A. system during a complete meltdown.

You've heard about the flight attendant losing it on a plane. Now we know who she is.

Her name is Teresa Green. She's 43-years-old and lives in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. She reportedly suffers from bipolar disorder.

Her bizarre meltdown happened last week on an American Airlines flight from Dallas / Fort Worth to O'Hare airport in Chicago.

As passengers boarded the plane, the flight attendant was overheard saying, "I forgot to take my medication." Then, as the plane taxied down the runway, she started rambling about September 11 over the P.A. system.

She also shocked passengers by saying, "Don't blame me if we crash." That's when civilians jumped in and helped other flight attendants subdue her.

As the struggle escalated, passengers whipped out their cell phone cameras. INSIDE EDITION found at least six cell phone videos of the melee on the internet.  

The flight returned back to the gate and Green was taken into custody.

The incident report from the Dallas/Forth Worth airport police just obtained by INSIDE EDITION revealed just how out of control the flight attendant became.

"Ms. Green attempted to spit and kick us while being restrained; we had to put her in leg restraints. Ms. Green was having a mental episode and was a danger to herself and others," said the report.  

On her Myspace page, Green posted a link to a rant about September 11th, which said, "I want to see Arab-Muslims waving the American flag in the streets. I want to hear you chanting "Allah bless America!"

American Airlines issued a statement saying: "We will ensure that the affected flight attendants receive proper care. Our customers were not in danger at any time."