More Details on the Nine-Year-Old Who Accidentally Shot His Classmate

INSIDE EDITION has more details on the nine-year-old who accidentally shot his third grade classmate after bringing a gun to school.

It's a heartbreaking sight as a little girl fights for her life in a intensive care unit, recovering from a devastating bullet wound.

The person who accidentally shot her is a nine-year-old boy from her third grade class. The boy was wearing a baggy orange prison jumpsuit when he entered the courtroom last month.

It happened in a classroom outside Seattle, Washington, three weeks ago. And now, for the first time, the boy's mom is appearing in court.

Jamie Chaffin and her boyfriend are charged with allegedly leaving the .45 caliber gun around the house. They have pled not guilty.

With a record of felony convictions related to drug use, Chaffin is not supposed to have guns of any kind.

The judge told Chaffin, "You will be taken into custody. Bail will be set at $50,000."

She showed no emotion as she was handcuffed and taken away.

Her son carried the gun to school in his backpack and when he slammed the backpack down on his desk, the gun went off.

The bullet struck Amina Bowman in the belly and tore through her organs. It truly is a miracle that she survived, having lost her entire blood supply.

Her dad, John Bowman, held her hand as she slept in the hospital.

"It's a blessing. We cherish every day we have with her," said John.

Amina can't eat or drink for months to come, due to injuries from the bullet.

Dr. Eileen Bulger of Harborview Medical Center said, "It went through the liver and into the gall bladder."

She's lost her gall bladder and has undergone five surgeries; the bullet is still lodged in her body, very close to her spine.

John said, "We take everything day by day."