4-Year-Old Boy With Autism Meets His New Service Dog

The family had been fundraising to buy the dog for two years.

A New Jersey mother couldn’t be happier that her 4-year-old son, who has autism, has finally received a service dog.

Margaret Ng asked the Mount Vernon Fire Department and the Harding Township Police Department to deliver the dog to her 4-year-old son Ethan so that the moment would be extra special.

Both departments along with the community helped with fundraising efforts in order for the family to afford the dog. Service dogs cost nearly $60,000.

Ethan had no idea he was about about to meet his best friend, a Golden Retriever named Yazzie. The family had been waiting two years for the moment.

“I guess I would equate it to getting married. If you think about how long an engagement and all the preparations to get to that day,” Ng said.

Ethan who also has attention deficit hyperactivity can barely speak.

"Now he has 130 words and is starting to do 2 to 3 word phrases but a typically developed four year-old has 1600 words,” Ng said.

The mom said taking care of Ethan includes sleepless nights and having to wake up every 90 minutes.

"It steals your patience, it steals your temper, your ability to be in a marriage with somebody fully,” Ng said.

Once Ethan gets comfortable with Yazzie, the goal is for him to sleep in bed with him. The dog will also help Ethan with tantrums.

"The dog is there to lay upon him and to be laid upon to be hugged and do whatever is necessary to be that companion to Ethan to help him calm down.”