4-Year-Old Texas Boy Rescued After Falling Down 44-Foot Well

Mission Volunteer Firefighters
Mission Volunteer Firefighters

It took first responders nearly six hours to rescue a young boy after he fell down a 44-foot well in Texas this week, according to reports. The 4-year-old boy fell into the well when he was with his parents in Garceno Wednesday, KVUE-TV reported.

“Any vibration, any wrong strike of a shovel, could cause more soil to fall into the hole where the victim was at,” assistant Mission Fire Chief Robert Alvarez said. “We used what is called a vector truck, [which] is a big truck with a vacuum system on it,” said Alvarez. “That’s what we used to start taking the dirt out.”   

Alvarez made sure to emphasize that the mission could only be successful with the help from "everybody" who pitched in.

The job was finally done by 2 a.m., the outlet reported. 

Also called to the scene were Starr County Sheriff's Office, and the McAllen, Edinburg and La Rosita fire departments.

The little boy is in stable condition and is talking again. He is currently at a hospital in Edinburgh, the sheriff's office said.