Project X Style Parties Turn Destructive

Since the movie Project X hit theatres, cops across the country have been bracing for the growing trend of people throwing wild, destructive parties like the one in the movie. INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest example of a Project X

With the weekend coming, cops all over the country are bracing for more destructive Project X style parties.

Police just released a video of 18-year-old Christopher Dade trashing a beautiful vacant home in Miami. Dade posted the video on YouTube with an open invitation for thousands of teens to a party at the house that night.

Although Dade was arrested before the bash could go off, nearly 2,000 teens still showed up, thinking the party was still on. They had to be turned away by security guards at the gated community where the home sits.

The episode comes on the heels of a new half-a-million dollar home in Houston that was trashed. Teens broke in, smashed every window, and even kicked holes into the walls.

Now cops are on high alert, combing Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist in an attempt to stop a wild weekend filled with out-of-control parties like the one in the movie.