Duchess Kate Makes First Public Speech

Duchess Kate appeared at a childen's charity where she made her first public speech to stellar reviews. INSIDE EDITION reports.

She speaks! The world is finally hearing Duchess Kate's voice during her first official public speaking engagement. She spoke confidently and at one point made everyone laugh.

The Duchess said, "I want to thank you all for having me. I'm only sorry that William can't be here today."

Kate reportedly practiced in front of a mirror for her big moment, and it brought back memories of Princess Diana's first speech. She did just fine, too.

Speeches are a big deal for The Royals. There was of course, a whole film about it—last year's Best Picture winner The King's Speech.

So what did the future Queen of England wear on this landmark day? An old, recycled dress her mother wore in 2010. That's right, the exact same dress.

It's actually Kate's dress. Her mom, Carole, borrowed it from Kate. The dress is from the affordable Reiss clothing line. Kate bought it for just $200 in 2008. Yes, it's 4 years old. But she made the modest blue outfit look like a million bucks.