Man Stops Home Intruder With Martial Arts

When an intruder broke into the home of David Jennings and his family and stuck a gun to David's head, little did the burglar know that David was skilled in martial arts. INSIDE EDITION speaks with the Jennings' about how they pulled a fast one

Talk about a rude awakening.

David Jennings and his wife were fast asleep when an intruder broke into their home, made his way to their bedroom, took a gun they keep for protection off the night table and pointed it at David's face.

"He was pointing a gun straight at my head," David told INSIDE EDITION.

The Jennings live in the town of Surprise, Arizona, but the surprise was on the alleged intruder, Ivan Sanchez—David knows martial arts.

 His wife, Jennifer, watched in disbelief as the drama unfolded.

"I saw David take his hand and push the gun out of the way and fly out of the bed," said Jennifer.

David knocked the gun from the suspect's hand and wrestled him to the floor.

"As hard as I could, I smashed it [his head] straight down," said David.

As the battle raged on, Jennifer called 911.

Jennifer told the 911 operator, "We have an intruder in the house who pulled a gun on us, and my husband has him on the floor."

As David struggled to restrain the suspect, a terrified Jennifer was worried that her children were in danger.

Jennifer: "I need to get my kids though; I need to get my kids."
Operator: "Okay, is he trying to leave, or - "
Jennifer: "Well he tried to leave but my husband tackled him because he pulled a gun on my husband."

David told INSIDE EDITION, "I just had to make sure he wasn't going anywhere."

And he didn't.

Jennifer: "He's like in the hallway between, like, he's in the doorway between our - "
Operator: "Okay, as long as you can keep an eye on him - "
Jennifer: "My husband has him in a choke hold on the floor."

Minutes later, cops arrived to arrest Sanchez

David is fine, except for a few rug burns on his leg. And his family is safe, thanks to their brave dad and his martial arts training.