Another Unlikely Contestant Wow's Britain's Got Talent Judges

Just like Susan Boyle, another improbable contestant stepped-up to the plate and dazzled the judges and crowd on Britain's Got Talent. INSIDE EDITION has the story on Britain's newly discovered singing sensation.

A teenager looked like he was about to make a fool of himself on national TV.

17-year-old, Jonathan Antoine was a contestant on Britain's Got Talent. At 300 pounds, dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants, he was the last guy you'd expect to impress the judges.

Simon Cowell asked, "Do you think you could win?"

Antoine just shrugged his shoulders at Cowell's answer.

Cowell, clearly wasn't expecting much.

As the music started up, Antoine looked to his pretty singing partner for courage.

It was incredible, the chubby teenager had the voice of a seasoned opera singer. The crowd just couldn't believe their ears.

Cowell said, "Jonathan you are unbelievable. You have an outstandingly good voice. You are a future star."

It's a lot like another audition on the same talent show just three years ago, when Susan Boyle made her remarkable debut and the rest is history.

As for Antoine, he had been preparing for the moment his whole life. At 14, Antoine was singing at a school concert in a YouTube video and another video shows him singing Andrea Bocelli at a church recital in 2010.

Like Boyle, he was just waiting to be discovered and now, once again, an underdog is headed for super stardom.