Sandra Bullock Remains in Hiding as More Jesse James Mistresses Come Forward

Despite speculation that she would emerge from hiding in the face of her husband's cheating scandal to attend the Kids' Choice Awards, Sandra Bullock will not be attending and her rep says she never planned to. INSIDE EDITION has more.

A heartbroken Sandra Bullock is skipping another high-profile public event. INSIDE EDITION has learned that the actress is not going to Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards in the wake of her husband's growing cheating scandal.

Speculation was high that Bullock would finally emerge from hiding and show up at the family-friendly awards show. The beloved star is nominated and is a front-runner for Favorite Movie Actress. Some reports said that Bullock had been planning to attend with her 6-year-old stepdaughter Sunny. But a Nickelodeon spokesperson tells INSIDE EDITION Bullock "was never scheduled to appear."

Her rep also released a statement saying, "There were never any plans for her to attend."

Bullock is a fan favorite at the Kids' Choice Awards, last year the Oscar®-winner was sprayed with green slime, along with fellow presenter Hugh Jackman.

Meanwhile the number of alleged mistresses being linked to Jesse James continues to pile up.

Attorney Gloria Allred represents a model who claims she had a "three year intimate relationship" with Jesse James that just ended!  

"We have hundreds of emails, texts, from him and photos and he has indicated that he has strong feelings for her," says Allred.

Allred famously represented two of Tiger Woods's mistresses, Rachel Uchitel and Joslyn James, and she sees similarities between James and the golf great.

"There were lies to women in both cases and women have been hurt in both cases," Allred observes.

Earlier this year Bullock actually spoke out about Woods's serial cheating, and the reports that Elin went into a window-smashing frenzy with a golf club.  

"If I were Elin, man, I would have hit a lot more than she did," Bullock joked in the now-haunting interview. "I would have kept hitting. I'd get the baseball bat. I'd get everything out."

Now, there's a disturbing new report claiming that James sent one of his alleged mistresses a text message just two days ago stating, "I'm angry at you and disappointed you'd do this."

The purported text was sent to Melissa Smith, is a stripper who told Star magazine that she had a two-year affair with James  

James's so-called mistress number one, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, was silent when bombarded with questions by paparazzi, but the tattooed brunette finally broke her silence about the scandal, unleashing an angry, profanity-laced rant on her Facebook page.

"Get off your dam [sic] high horse," she writes. "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone... in other words [expletive deleted] YOU!"