Is a New Video The Smoking Gun in Trayvon Martin Case?

New video of George Zimmerman in police custody shortly after Trayvon Martin was killed appeared to show Zimmerman to be unharmed. INSIDE EDITION reports on the video that could change the course of the case.

New video of George Zimmerman in police custody just 30-minutes after he shot Trayvon Martin to death, has surfaced.

In the video, he's being taken in handcuffs to Sanford Police headquarters for questioning. There seems to be no visible sign of the broken nose or injuries to the back of the head he claims he sustained in a struggle with Martin.

The video, just released Thursday, showed several different angles from a number of cameras, outside and inside police headquarters.

A police officer is seen frisking Zimmerman and wiping something off his hand. A few moments later, he examined the back of Zimmerman's head.

Zimmerman walked briskly into police headquarters without any help and did not appear injured or in any pain.

Video expert Conor McCourt enhanced parts of the video for INSIDE EDITION.

"I don't see any visable injury, I don't see any tearing of the clothes, I don't see blood on the clothes. I don't see any indication of injury in this video," said McCourt.

INSIDE EDITION also asked facial plastic surgeon Steven Pearlman to look for evidence of a broken nose.

"If it is a half-hour after getting hit in the nose, it can be broken. The patient is necessarily slumped over, bleeding may have stopped. I don't know if they have cleaned him up or not. Most broken noses are accompanied by nose bleeds, but it may stop after ten minutes," said Pearlman.

Reaction to the video has been swift, with some calling it the smoking gun that refutes Zimmerman's claim of self-defense.

Trayon Martin's parents spoke to CNN.

"When we looked at the video it was obvious there were no visible injuries, there was no blood on his shirt. So we have concluded, just by watching this video, that there may not have been any injuries at all," said Trayvon Martin's mother.

A police report, filed the night of the shooting said, "Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and back of his head."

But Martin's family attorney said the video shows that's not true.

Benjamin Crump, their lawyer, said, "The police report is a fabrication. When they said there was blood on the back of his head, there was a broken nose, there was blood, you don't see any of that."

Legal expert Dan Abrams said on Good Morning America, that it's powerful evidence against Zimmerman.

Robin Roberts asked, "Is it the smoking gun? We've been told he was beaten up, then you see the video and it doesn't appear to be that way."

"It's a very significant piece of evidence. Among those inclined to believe Zimmerman, this could be a game changer," said Abrams.  

But Zimmerman's attorney said on the Today show the video is too grainy to prove anything.

Matt Lauer asked, "You have said he was treated at a hospital for a broken nose, wouldn't he have an X-Ray or something that he could gain access to that would show his nose was broken?"

"Even with all of the evidence that is coming out, I'm not going to litigate this in the media, but there will be new evidence that comes out," said Zimmerman's lawyer.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman's father, a retired judge from Virginia, gave his first TV interview, but in silhouette to Orlando's Fox 35. He said Trayvon Martin threatened to kill his son.

"Trayvon Martin said something to the effect, ‘You're going to die now or you're going to die tonight,' something to that effect," said George Zimmerman's father.

And a photo purports to show Trayvon Martin, with Martin giving the middle finger. It was published Thursday by the conservative news site, The Daily Caller and reportedly came from Martin's Twitter page. It came with the message: "Please shoot the (blank) who lied 2 u."

The photo contrasts sharply with the clean cut image of Trayvon Martin that has become so familiar in recent weeks.