$10 Million Worth of Cash and Jewelry Taken In Stolen Safe

A Los Angeles woman says a safe was stolen right out of her home with $10 million worth of jewelry and cash inside. INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman inside the mansion where the crime took place.

It's a Hollywood Who Done It. A safe filled with up to $10 million in cash and jewels was stolen from a Los Angeles mansion.

The owner agreed to allow INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret inside the house. She was in disguise and wanted to be identified only as Jacqueline.

Moret asked, "What does that represent for you?"

"My whole life. Everything I've gone through in the las twenty years," said Jacqueline.

The house is on a busy street, but the crooks made it past the traffic, over the gate, past the dogs, through the alarm, and up the stairs before they hit the jackpot. 

How did the crooks make off with all that loot inside a 500 pound safe? They literally put it on a rug and dragged it down the stairs where damage was done to the floor and walls. Then they dragged it out the front door and made off with all of it before the police arrived.

Jacqueline said, "Somebody had to have been standing out there looking suspicious, with some kind of vehicle. Maybe a van, maybe a truck, god knows. I don't think it could be a regular car.  And there had to be numerous people. With all that going on, I'm just hoping that somebody saw this." 

The safe has a combination lock and weighs 500 pounds. It's black metal and it would take serious effort to move it.

Moret asked, "Even though it's in a safe, why would you keep so much jewelry at your home?"

"I have an alarm. I have a gate. I live in a busy area. I've got a huge safe that's over 500 pounds," said Jacqueline.

"Were you insured?" asked Moret.

"No," replied Jacqueline.

The items beleived to be in the safe include a 40 carat diamond necklace, a 20 carat diamond ring and dozens of rings, bracelets, and watches.  

Jacqueline hopes someone saw something and will call the police.

"I just feel like they're going to get caught. My stuff is not the kind of stuff that you could just sell very easily on the market," said Jacqueline.

The L.A.P.D. says they need help from the public in finding the stolen items and want anyone with information to contact them at 213-486-6945.