Robin Gibb In A Coma

Health concerns for Bee Gee brother Robin Gibb have escalated, as the singer has contracted pneumonia and slipped into a coma. INSIDE EDITION has the latest report.

Terrible news concerning the health of 62-year-old Bee Gee, Robin Gibb has been revealed. An announcement on his official website reads:

"Sadly, the reports are true that Robin has contracted pneumonia and is in a coma.  We are all hoping and praying that he will pull through."

Robin Gibb is suffering from advanced liver and colon cancer.

He and his two brothers recorded one of the best selling album of all time—the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever.   

Robin's twin brother, Maurice died of cancer nine years ago. Brother, Barry Gibb and Robin's wife and children are by his bedside at a London hospital.