Brother of Murdered Model Speaks Out

INSIDE EDITION sat down with the brother of slain model Paula Sladewski, who speaks out about his sister's brutal murder, and what other women can do to avoid such tragedy. 

The brother of murdered Playboy model Paula Sladewski is speaking out, bashing his slain sister's boyfriend.

"As far as I'm concerned, he ain't a man. He's a coward."

Thomas Brusell is going after Paula's boyfriend, Kevin Klym, for leaving this Miami nightclub without his sister the day she was abducted and murdered. Her burned body was found discarded in a dumpster.

"He is partly responsible in my opinion just as much as killer. Because is was his responsibility to protect her. It's just a shame that Kevin didn't sit out there and wait for her and be sure that she came out of there safe," said Brusell.

Paula and her boyfriend got into a heated argument after partying for hours at this Miami nightclub. Police say Klym was thrown out of the club for his behavior and took a taxi back to his hotel, and he had Paula's cell phone in his pocket. A just-released surveillance video shows Paula leaving the club alone about 20 minutes later. You can see a man walking behind her, and two bouncers walk out just moments after.

And another chilling video has just surfaced. A man has come forward saying he saw the beautiful model and her boyfriend just two days before the murder at a Lady Gaga concert on New Year's Eve. He says the boyfriend was acting aggressively, so he took cell phone video of him just in case he needed to show it to police.

Paula and Klym had a volatile relationship. Paula was screaming for help in a dramatic 911 call just one month before her murder, when she got into a fight with Klym. Paula suffered a broken nose and Klym was arrested for the alleged assault .

Stilll, north Miami police say Klym is not a suspect in Paula's murder and has been cooperating with their investigation.

Paula's killing puts the spotlight on the potential dangers of young women at nightclubs. An INSIDE EDITION investigation has found many women in potentially dangerous situations after a night of partying .

Paula's distraught brother is now warning young woman to keep their guard up so they wont suffer the same fate as his slain sister, saying, "Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of what it is that you're doing. Don't get so intoxicated that you don't know who you're dancing with. Take responsibility to protect yourself."