Nurse Kills Young Mother, Kidnaps Baby

Cops say a nurse gunned down a young mother and kidnapped her baby in an effort to convince her fiancé that she had given birth to his child. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A grieving woman talks about the brave mom at the center of a horrific murder-kidnap case, saying, "My daughter was a good person. She wouldn't fight and argue with anybody, but she fought to protect her baby."

Kala Golden was gunned down as she left her pediatrician's office with her 3-day-old son, Keegan. Then, cops say, the baby was abducted by the killer.

"It's a brutal murder and it's horrible is what it is," said Golden's mother.

Verna McClain appeared in court in Houston on Thursday, accused of the terrible crime. Get this—she's a registered nurse. Authorities say she planned the kidnapping because she had just had a miscarriage but had not told her fiancé.

An officer from the local police department said at a press conference, "She told him she was pregnant and had given birth to a child by him. She represented this as her child."

Kala Golden had just taken the baby for his first checkup when cops say she became the target.

A makeshift shrine marks the spot where Golden was shot. She tried to fight off her attacker and save her baby from harm, but died in the struggle.

Cops say they found her son, Keegan after they raided McClain's home. Keegan is now with family members and is expected to be reunited with his dad.

"The baby's fine. The baby's fine," said Golden's husband, Keith Schuchardt.

He's relieved his son is safe but heartbroken by his wife's death. He had a poignant message for the mom who will never see their son grow up.

"I love you. I wish you were here to help me through this," said Schuchardt.