Secret Service Whistleblower is Female Agent

The person who brought the Secret Service prostitution scandal to light turns out to be a female agent who's been with the elite agency for 22 years. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A female Secret Service agent is being hailed today for blowing the lid off the worst scandal in Secret Service history.

She's 46-year-old special agent Paula Reid.

It was Reid who discovered at least 11 agents had brought prostitutes back to their hotel in Cartagena just days before the president arrived in Colombia for an international summit.

Her intervention in Colombia is winning praise from Congress.

Senator Susan Collins said, "She acted decisively, appropriately."

Paula Reid told The Washington Post, "I am confident that as an agency we'll determine exactly what happened and take appropriate action, despite this current challenge facing the Secret Service."

Here's what we know about her: She's single. She's been an agent for 22 years. She heads the Miami bureau. She once sued the Secret Service for racial discrimination.

Author Jeffery Robinson told INSIDE EDITION, "There is no distinction between male and female agents in the Secret Service. They are first and foremost Secret Service agents, and they share that palpable pride, that dedication to the service. They're willing to make these sacrifices."

Glamorous female Secret Service agents have been portrayed in movies like The Sentinel, and In The Line of Fire. But just 11% of agents in the Secret Service are women.

"I can't help but wonder if there had been more women in that detail, if this would have ever happened," said Senator Collins.

Six agents have been forced out in the wake of the prostitution scandal, including Greg Stokes, and George Chaney, who posted a photo on his Facebook page, protecting Sarah Palin with this comment:  "I was really checking her out if you know what I mean?"
Meanwhile, the sultry beauty from Colombia at the center of the scandal is expected to emerge from hiding to speak out for the first time this week.