Metta World Peace Foul's Out

There is shock and outrage at NBA star Metta World Peace for a brutal elbow bash to an opponent's head. Now, some are saying the penalty he is facing is too lenient. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

There's shock and outrage following the brutal elbow bash seen around the world.

Los Angeles Lakers star Metta World Peace is out for seven games, and was a no-show on Tuesday's Conan O'Brien show.

O'Brien joked on his show, "Why would he do this? Of course he would cancel— he's in a lot of trouble. He is facing a long suspension, big fines, and of course much worse, he missed a chance to be on my show."

Many are blasting NBA commission David Stern, saying the seven game suspension is too lenient. The victim of his flagrant foul, James Holder was floored with a concussion.

USA Today said, "David Stern let Metta World Peace off too lightly."

O'Brien even fooled around with partner Andy Richter reenacting the elbow bash on Richter's head on the show.