John Edwards Trial Update

The John Edwards trial continued with his former aide, Andrew Young, testifying about details surrounding Edwards' child with Rielle Hunter. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

In a case captivating the nation, jurors in the trial of disgraced presidential candidate John Edwards heard more testimony from former aide, Andrew Young.

Young said he confronted Edwards, demanding that he acknowledge paternity of his love child with mistress Rielle Hunter.

"He said that in one point in 2008, he actually got into a verbal confrontation, that almost became physical, with John Edwards," said CBS's Anna Werner.

Young was once so loyal to Edwards that he falsely claimed he was the father of the child.

"For two men who used to be close friends, you wouldn't know it from watching them in the court room today. John Edwards was attentive, watching the prosecutor, watching his examination of Andrew Young. But Andrew Young either looked straight ahead, or—for much of the time—actually looked down," said Wener.

Young testified that Edwards said the existence of the baby had to remain a secret because he wanted President Obama to pick him as vice president.