Dangerous Couch Surfing Craze Becomes Internet Sensation

The reckless stunt known as "Couch Surfing," has become a popular internet sensation. Now, INSIDE EDITION speaks with two couch surfers who want to send a warning about the dangers.

It's a stunt almost unimaginable in its utter recklessness, of a couch tied to a truck, and then guys jump on and hold on for dear life as the truck takes off. It's a dangerous activity sweeping the internet.

Jake Thompson and his buddy DJ Osborne said they were inspired by the Johnny Knoxville TV show and Jackass movies. The YouTube videos the pair posted of couch surfing helped fuel the craze.

Thompson said "It never ended good. Every time we did it there was a crash."

In one of the videos, couches break apart with riders on board. At times, they are riding on public streets - other times on a course with jumps. Wherever they do it, it's outrageously dangerous.

Thompson came to realize that couch surfing was a recipe for disaster. But it took a serious injury to convince Osborne.   

Osborne said, "There was a good 100 plus breaks in it [my arm]."

Thompson's wife, Whitney, can't believe it when she watches video of his time as a couch surfer. Whitney said, "It makes my stomach turn to see those crashes."