Nine-Year-Old Triumphs Over Stage Fright

When a case of stage fright brought a 9-year-old boy to tears on Britain's Got Talent, he pulled himself together and blew the judges away with a triumphant performance. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A nine-year-old boy faced the judges on Britain's Got Talent with a packed house, and millions watching on TV around the world.

Little Malaki Paul was off to a good start, but stage fright got the best of him. When he realized he wasn't hitting his notes, the tears started flowing.

His mom, watching from back stage, rushed out to comfort him.

The show went to a commercial break as Malaki tried to pull himself together. Finally, he made the decision to try again. The second time, he just nailed it. He got a standing ovation that went on and on.

Simon Cowell said, "You're brave. You got off to a bad start, but you picked yourself up and people are going to like you a lot."

Malaki's tears are renewing the debate about how young is too young to compete on TV talent shows. It's a debate that started after an adorable 13-year old girl, Rachel Crow, collapsed in tears on The X Factor last year, after she was eliminated from the show.

But for now, the whole world is sharing in this brave boy's moment of triumph.