95-Year-Old Dancer Wows Audience

Tilly Klein may look too old to bust a move, but at 95-years-old, she proves that age is just a number. INSIDE EDITION has her story.

If you don't believe in miracles, a frail old lady on the dance floor, leaning on a walker might change your mind.

In a internet video, her young dance partner struggled to take away her walker. Suddenly; they kick the music up a notch and presto. She begins dancing a quick step and the crowd went wild.

Tilly Klein may be 95-years-old, but her legs don't know that.

"I like the music, I like dancing," said Klein.
She loves surprising people with her astonishing dance moves. She actually won a ballroom dancing competition in Boca Raton, Florida with a partner who's half her age.

Then again, nobody expects to see a 95-year-old woman to be dancing so well.