Will Rielle Hunter Testify In John Edwards Trial?

As the prosecution rests its case in the John Edwards trial, the question some are asking is, will Rielle Hunter be called to testify when the defense makes their case? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Will she testify?

That's the big question everyone wants to know: is Rielle Hunter going to testify at the trial of her ex-lover, John Edwards.

We found Hunter and the 4-year-old love child she had with Edwards at a shopping center near Charlotte.

Some oberservers think it could be a disaster for the former presidential candidate to bring Rielle to the stand saying: "I think she seems like a loose cannon, and I think from what we've heard about her, you just can't trust what she might say."

The prosecution rested its case without calling Hunter. The defense begins presenting its case on Monday.

Hunter doesn't seem to be hurting for cash -- she drives a BMW.

The question "Are you going to get married?" brought a smile to her face.