Colleague of Travolta's Accuser Says All Allegations Are True

INSIDE EDITION talks exclusively to a former Atlanta hotel employee who believes the allegations that John Travolta groped a male colleague.

We're learning new details today about the massage therapist who claims John Travolta groped him four months ago at an upscale Atlanta hotel.

A colleague of John Doe #2 is coming forward—exclusively to INSIDE EDITION—and he believes it's all true.

He asked INSIDE EDITION not to disclose his identity.

"John Travolta called down to the spa and requested a male therapist—he was very adamant it be a male therapist," said the colleague.

He says the masseur chosen to give Travolta a massage is a married man with children. He was excited about working for the superstar and willingly went up to Travolta's 15th floor room at the Mansion Hotel, now known as the Mandarin Oriental.

"This is someone who was excited to go up to the room, and I get it—you kind of look forward to working on a celebrity," said the colleague.

But, 15 minutes later he says, the masseur came back down and went straight for the manager's office.

"He said he couldn't perform, that he couldn't finish the massage," said the colleague.

In an affidavit, the masseur claimed Travolta demanded "an unusual amount of work on his glutes," or buttocks, and that he left when Travolta got physical and "forcibly hugged him."

Travolta's attorney is dismissing the claims as "false and fabricated."

"Why should we believe you?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

"I'm not the only one that has this information. I mean, there is a staff full of spa workers, front-desk people, massage therapists, directors, managers, who were present that day," said the colleague.

Moments after the incident, he says the manager summoned Travolta to the spa. 

"By the end of their discussion he was banned from our spa services," said the colleague.

That's right—he says Travolta was banned from the spa. But there's more. The very next day, he says Travolta showed up again, looking for a new masseur.