Can Britney Spears Handle The X-Factor?

While Britney Spears is making a massive salary to be a judge on The X-Factor, many are wondering if the pop diva can handle the rigorous work schedule. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Britney Spears is out promoting her new job as a judge on The X-Factor.

Spears said she's excited about her new gig, but People magazine is asking, "Can she handle it?" The magazine reports that some Spears insiders are worried that she "isn't capable of being spontaneous"

Though she's come a long way since her meltdown four years ago, critics wonder whether she can handle the show's rigorous 6-day-a-week shooting schedule. And she certainly didn't inspire confidence when she appeared at the event with chewed up, bloody finger nails and gave a shaky speech.

But Spears has her supporters, like Donald Trump who was out promoting Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump said, "Well, Simon Cowell is a great friend of mine. He knows what he is doing, I think Britney will be terrific."

Spears found support from big names at an event for Betty White in New York City at the Friars Club on Wednesday.

Kathie Lee Gifford said, "I am happy for Britney, I think she is getting her life together, I like the guy she is going out with."

Hoda Kotb said, "She has such a huge fanbase. She is going to be such a big draw."

Spears has a whole lot of reasons to keep it together.

She'll be making $15 million for this TV season, which makes her one of the higher paid of the celebrity TV judges, after Jennifer Lopez, who's getting $20 million for American Idol. The Voice's Christina Aguilera is making $10 million, and fellow X-Factor judge, 19-year-old Demi Lovato is making just $1 million.