Kate Gosselin Tells INSIDE EDITION What's Next

INSIDE EDITION talks to Kate Gosselin about the peace she has found in her life, and her desire to get back on TV with her 8 children.

It's the new Kate Gosselin!

The former reality TV star is rocking a long, straight do—a more modern look than Dancing With The Stars Kate.

And get this—she's dying to get her brood back on TV!

"I am ready," said Kate.

It's been eight months since Kate Plus Eight was cancelled. Since then, her sextuplets have turned 8.

"There are obviously negatives to having your life played out in front of television. Some people even say that it perhaps led to your divorce. Are you sure that's something you want to get back into?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

"Absolutely, there's no harm that came from it. The kids actually have mentioned that they miss being on TV," said Kate.

Last week, INSIDE EDITION introduced you to Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend. They were all lovey dovey in our exclusive interview.

"I don't really pay attention. I can't control his decisions," said Kate.

But Kate says time has healed her once hateful relationship with her ex.

"It's just the peace that I have been hoping for for the last few years, and the kids notice. They notice that the tension is less, that I'm less stressed out," said Kate.

These days, Kate is making a living as a blogger for couponcabin.com.

"I've always been a saver, even when I had no kids, two kids, eight kids, whatever it is," said Kate.