Will Smith Speaks About Awkward Red Carpet Kiss

Will Smith is speaking out about that awkward moment on the red carpet when a male reporter tried to kiss him on the lips. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Will Smith is all over the place promoting his new movie Men In Black 3, but all everyone wants to talk about is the way he smacked that reporter who tried to kiss him at the Moscow premiere.

On Good Morning America, Smith told Robin Roberts, "That man asked me for a hug, so I gave him a hug. Then he went and tried to kiss my mouth, and I didn't like that. I didn't like that. So I just asked him politely, told him...ka kow! [smack] to back up. Apparently, he does that. And just, you know, he probably shouldn't do it to me."

Smith was also asked about the incident by David Letterman, and his frustration came through.

"They were like, 'Oh no, we're sorry. That's just his schtick, and I said 'Well that's why his ass got schtuck," said Smith.

Now, Smith is getting big support for his decision to slap that reporter from none other than Donald Trump. Trump said on Piers Morgan's CNN show, "I love that he did to the wise guy who kissed him, I think on the lips. Will looked at him and smacked him. It was really great. Other people should do that."

Trump says mayhem on the red carpet should be dealt with harshly. Trump lashed out at actor Sacha Baron Cohen. You'll recall that Cohen, promoting his new movie The Dictator, dumped ashes all over Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars®.

Trump said, "I thought the security guards were totally incompetent. The guy that was standing there...this big dumb ox, was standing there saying, 'Oh could you please move forward.' Believe me, if that ever happened to me, it wouldn't be so nice."