Jilted Groom Sues Ex-Fiancé

INSIDE EDITION speaks to the woman who is being sued by her ex-fiancé for money spent when they were together.

They were all set to walk down the aisle. Now, instead of "I do," this once happy couple is saying, "I sue."

"I am just so thankful that I am not getting married to this man," said the would-be-bride, Kendra Platt Lee.

Platt Lee and Steven Silverstein met in 2008.

She was a flight attendant. He's a business consultant. Soon, they were living together in a cool Manhattan apartment.  

When Silverstein popped the question, he did it with a $32,000 engagement ring. But for Platt Lee, something wasn't right.

"I had a couple of friends getting married and they were completely happy and completely in love, and I just didn't feel like I was in the same position as they were," said Platt Lee.

Platt Lee said she always thought weddings were supposed to be about the bride.

"I wasn't the star. It was my wedding and I wasn't the star of it. In my heart I just didn't feel like it was right," said Platt Lee.

So Platt Lee surprised everyone by calling it off. She moved back to San Diego and broke up with her fiancé over the phone. And now he's taking her to court.

"She ripped my heart out of my chest, as well as ripped away my bank account," said Silverstein.

Silverstein says Platt Lee cleaned out their joint $54,000 bank account, but he says $20,000 of that is his. He's also suing for half of what's already been spent on the wedding—$13,000, including the wedding gown. He also wants $27,000 rent for the months they lived together. It all totals nearly $60,000.   

"I tried to be a nice guy for almost two weeks after she broke up with me. I tried to do that with her, but I was forced in another direction," said Silverstein on the Today show.

Silverstein agrees that in suing his ex, he's had to swallow his pride and face public ridicule.

"It's just very hurtful, I never wanted any of this to go public. I never meant for any of this to happen," said Silverstein.

Platt Lee says she gave him back the $32,000 engagement ring, and that's all she owes him.

"I just think it's petty. It's just shocking to me," said Platt Lee.