Family Stands Up to the Neighbor From Hell

When a family moved to a neighborhood in Minnesota, they thought they were going to quiet life, but a neighbor proved otherwise. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Dirty dancing, menacing stares, and huge insulting signs, all targeted at one family. These situations are what Greg and Kim Hoffman said their neighbor, Lori Christensen subjected them to.

Greg said, "There would be some form of harassment every single day."

The Hoffman's moved to what they thought was a quiet cul-de-sac in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, to raise a family. Then, they met their nightmare neighbor.

The Hoffman's said they were singled out following a trivial argument their daughter had with Christensen's child.   

Kim Hoffman makes no secret of the fact that she's a recovering alcoholic. But she was shocked when her neighbor mocked her by "drinking" from a jumbo-sized bottle of beer.

Greg said, "She would walk back and forth with the Corona bottle, up to her mouth, tipped way back."

Kim said, "She would put signs that read like, 'Covered in scotch, daqueri, beer, drink some more vodka.' Just all sorts of things like that." 

And then there were the taunting signs, spray painted on bed sheets and hung on the garage door that said, "Get a life you stalking freak," "HaHa not so squeeky clean" and one on the back of her car, "I'll try to be nicer if you try to be smarter."

The Hoffman's said their children were targeted too. As they played basketball in the front yard, the neighbor operated a remote control car on the street, driving it like a drunk driver.

Imagine this abuse going on for five years.

When the Hoffman's called police, Christensen would deny everything.

Kim said, "We would call police and at that point, they would say, 'Well, there is really not a lot we can do about it.' "

Greg said, "They said, 'If you could get it on video, so we have something they could look at.' So that's what we did."

They videotaped hours and hours of evidence. The cops were taken aback when they viewed the footage.

One officer said, "In 35 years as a police officer, I've never seen anybody have so much hate for another human being."

The Hoffmans went to court and obtained restraining orders, but their neighbor violated them repeatedly.

Then this week, the fed-up judge finally threw the book at her. Lori Christensen was sentenced to 90 days in jail. And get this; she was kicked out of her own house. She moved out under court order and the house will be put on the market.

All this is a huge relief for theHoffmans, who are finally rid of the neighbor from hell.