Biggest Moments From the MTV Movie Awards

INSIDE EDITION has the scoop on the most memorable moments from this year's MTV Movie Awards, including Mila Kunis being heckled by someone in the audience.

It was a night of outrageous behavior at the always-wacky awards show.

Elizabeth Banks said, "Thank you MTV. This is just the best moment of my life."

Banks, who won Best Transformation for The Hunger Games, was really getting into it with the hunky stars of the upcoming male stripper movie, Magic Mike.

"Thank you to my lovely husband who comes with me everywhere, and who's probably really upset right now," said Banks.

The night's most awkward moment came after Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg took the stage and a heckler rudely interrupted Kunis with a vulgarity. Kunis was clearly taken aback, and Wahlberg stepped in to tell the guy off.

"Really?" said Kunis.

"Excuse me, what did he say?" said Wahlberg.

"It doesn't matter. Go ahead," said Kunis.

Wahlberg cursed the guy out.

There was also a serious moment when actor Christian Bale fought back tears after a video showed his late Dark Knight co-star, Heath Ledger.

"It's wonderful to see Heath Ledger up there," said Bale.

The fashion choices were as daring as ever. Jennifer Aniston wore a sexy leather mini-dress as she picked up the awards for Best On Screen Dirtbag in Horrible Bosses.