Tanning Mom Wasn't Always So Tan

INSIDE EDITION caught up with tanning mom Patricia Krentcil for her response to photos that surfaced from her modeling days.

New Jersey's infamous tanorexic mom, Patricia Krentcil hasn't always looked so crispy. She was once a smoking hot beauty.

Glamour shots were taken when Krentcil was in her twenties, in the blush of youth. Her complexion looked creamy and healthy—a striking contrast to the leathery look she's sporting today. Now 44, she's aged beyond her years.

When we caught up with Krentcil outside her home in Nutley, New Jersey, on Wednesday, we got her reaction to the photos, which made the front page of the New York Daily News.

Krentcil told INSIDE EDITION, "Yes, that's me. I've modeled throughout my life."

Patricia Krentcil became an overnight sensation after she was charged with taking her six-year old daughter into a tanning booth. She pled not guilty.