Screenwriter Pens Book About Mel Gibson's Dark Side

Mel Gibson's former friend and screenwriter, Joe Eszterhas, has written a book entitled, "Heaven and Mel" about the actors dark side. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Top Hollywood screenwriter, Joe Eszterhas is speaking out again about his former friend, Mel Gibson.

"Mel needs immediate psychiatric help," said Eszterhas.

Eszterhas, who wrote Basic Instinct and other hit movies, has published a new tell-all book, being sold exclusively on Amazon's Kindle, called "Heaven and Mel." It details Gibson's wild rages and out of control behavior.  

"What this book is, in some ways, is an intervention on my part to try to help him," said Eszterhas.

It was Eszterhas who Gibson was screaming at in those notorious tapes secretly recorded at Gibson's estate in Costa Rica. Eszterhas and Gibson clashed over the movie The Maccabees which they were working on together.

In his book, Eszterhas wrote that Gibson wanted to make the movie for a bizarre reason.

Eszterhas wrote, "One day Mel... Suddenly turns to me and says, 'What I really want to do with this movie is to convert the Jews to Christianity.'"

Gibson has been accused of making many anti-Semitic remarks before, but according to "Heaven and Mel," his anti Semitism goes deeper than anyone imagines.

"It is a kind of poison in his core and the vitriolic awful things I heard about Jewish people when working with him were really awful," said Eszterhas.

Eszterhas wrote about the collapse of Gibson's relationship with girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, who was the target of Gibson's now infamous foul-mouthed phone rants.

Eszterhas wrote that Gibson was so angry with her he actually threatened to hire hit men to kill her.

Eszterhas wrote, "He turns slowly back to me and looks me in the eye. ‘I'm going to make her disappear,' he says. 'She's going to be gone. Gone! And no one will ever know it's me.'"   

"I took these threats very seriously. I hoped that this book would help extend the kind of protective corridor around Oksana by making it public," said Eszterhas.

"Heaven and Mel" is becoming an instant e-book bestseller. Gibson's career has been on the downward slide for several years and his latest movie, Get the Gringo went straight to Direct TV.

"The potential for violence is more than there and I felt that he really did need a very public intervention because he was not getting it right," said Eszterhas.