Scathing Texts From Miss Pennsylvania Leaked

Scathing text messages reportedly written by Miss Pennsylvania have been leaked—not only revealing how she feels about the Miss USA pageant, but also some of her fellow competitors. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

They're the nasty, just-leaked text messages that Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin, reportedly sent—right in the middle of the Miss USA competition!

"I'm done! It's obviously rigged!" wrote Monnin, "This is ridiculous!"

The text messages show that Monnin was mad as hell when she was knocked out early in the pageant.

She even suggested that some of other girls who made the final 15 were not pretty enough to win.

"Seriously? Colorado? South Carolina?" she wrote, referring to Miss Colorado, Marybel Gonzalez and Miss South Carolina, Erika Powell.

"It's obviously rigged so the girl they want can shine; they kept several beautiful girls out for that reason," wrote Monnin.


The text messages reveal that behind those sweet smiles, there's lots of cattiness behind the scenes at national beauty pageants.

Former Real Housewives of New York star and CEO of Completely Bare, Cindy Barshop was a judge at the Miss USA pageant.

"I feel bad for her, I really do," said Barshop, "these texts from Sheena show us her true character—which is one, a sore loser, and the other, her inability to be in a situation of competition and bow out gracefully."

Monnin—who calls herself a conservative Christian—dropped the f-bomb.

"This is [expletive] rigged!" wrote Monnin in one text message.

The texts were apparently sent to a pageant official, who tried to placate an obviously upset Miss Pennsylvania.

"Sheena :-) be strong! We are above letting our suspicions lower us to any level we might regret..." wrote the official.